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My name is Marc Waters,

I am a fully licensed Paris private chauffeur with 5 years previous experience as a Paris cab driver/operator.

I have dual UK/French citizenship, and I have family in Paris, the United Kingdom and also in the United States of America, so my language skills are compatible with English speaking tourists.

In addition to transfers to and from the various Parisian airports and railway stations, I offer half or full day trips to the Normandy beaches and the towns of Honfleur or Caen, the Monet Gardens in Giverny and Mont Saint Michel. I also offer trips to the Loire Valley castles southwest of Paris such as Chambord, Chenonceau and Amboise.

My automobile is a french comfortable full option black Citroen C5 Tourer, which seats up to 4 passengers with luggage. Upon request, I am able to provide baby and toddler seats. I am happy to handle guest luggage and assistance with language and travel tips, which will make your stay in Paris more comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable.

It is my goal to ensure a safe, timely yet enjoyable ride into Paris and destinations beyond if desired.

+33 614 616 561

 Private driver service



1 to 4 passengers

1 to 4 passengers

CDG Paris airport  >  Paris : 70 €
Paris  >  CDG Paris airport : 70 €

Orly south Paris airport  >  Paris : 70 €
Paris  >  Orly south Paris airport : 70 €

Paris train station  >  Any address in Paris : 50 €
Any address in Paris  >  Paris train station : 50 €

Paris  >  Versailles : 65 €
Versailles  >  Paris : 65 €

CDG Paris airport  >  Versailles : 80 €
Versailles  >  CDG Paris airport : 80 €

Orly south Paris airport  >  Versailles : 80 €
Versailles  >  Orly south Paris airport : 80 €

Paris or CDG airport  >  Disneyland : 75 €
Disneyland  >  Paris or CDG airport : 75 €

Beauvais airport  >  Paris : 130 €
Paris  >  Beauvais airport : 130 €

Prices for half and full day trips or any other destination are available on request.

My on board credit card machine accepts  MASTERCARD & VISA







The Prices for the half and full day trips or any other destination is available on request. Thank you.

My on board credit card machine accepts : MASTERCARD & VISA.


 26 Rue Séré Depoin, 95300, Pontoise

+33 614 616 561

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